Associated European Energy Consultants

“Delivering European Energy Solutions”

Associated European Energy Consultants
“Delivering European Energy Solutions”




New developments regarding the high voltage power cable cartel

Memos are sometimes very useful. This holds true also for the case of the high voltage power cable cartel. On 02/04/2014, the EU Commission imposed fines on European as well as Japanese and Korean producers of high voltage power cables. Even though quite some time has...

Brexit Insights – the Impact of Brexit on the Energy Sector

Of key relevance is the inescapable truth that the UK’s energy system is heavily integrated with that of continental Europe, and Ireland. Connected by subsea electricity interconnectors and gas pipelines, the UK’s energy security of supply has a mutual dependency on...

AEEC Autumn Conference 2017

On Monday, 13 November 2017, at The Plaza Hotel in Tirana, it was held the annual Autumn Conference of AEEC. The conference was hosted by our member firm Optima Legal & Financial and moderated by AEEC Chairman Prof. Christian Held and Mr. Ilir Daci, Partner at...

Removing Barriers to Electricity Storage

Battery storage is currently attracting much publicity and significant levels of investment. However, the Call for Evidence on a smart flexible energy system and the subsequent joint HM Government and Ofgem publication Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan published last...

Interview with Joan Prat

Interview with Joan Prat M.S. How long have you been a member of AEEC? J.P. Our law firm has been a member of AEEC since its formation, from day one so to speak. M.S. How do you think you as a law firm based in Barcelona benefit the most from AEEC? J.P. We benefit the...