Associated European Energy Consultants

“Delivering European Energy Solutions”

Associated European Energy Consultants

“Delivering European Energy Solutions”


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Barcelona and Brussels

Prat Rubi Advocats, SLP

Avenida Diagonal 389
Spain – Barcelona Barcelona
+ 34 934 14 2277
+34 93 209 5307
Contact person for AEEC matters:

Prof. Dr. Joan Prat

• Born in Molins de Rei (Spain) in 1953.
• Law Degree from the the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona in 1976.
• Doctorate in Law Cum Laude from the University of Barcelona.
• Tenured Professor at the University of Barcelona since 1979.
• Author of The Juridical Person in the Bankrupt Judicial System (Publishing Bosch. Barcelona, 1985).
• Co-Author of Institutions of the New Civil Procedure (Economist Jurist).
• Member of the illustrious Barcelona Bar Association since 1981.
• Member of the National Energy Commission’s Electricity Consulting Committee.
• Participates in the European Commission’s Regulatory Forums for Gas and Electricity since 2000.
• Speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, and French.
• Legal Areas of Specialisation: Energy Law: electricity and gas distribution, Public Law, Civil Procedure Law, Anti-Trust Law and European Law.
• Chairman of various forums relating to the Energy field.
• Founding partner of the AEEC, Associated European Energy Consultants.
• Founding partner of PRAT RUBÍ ADVOCATS S.L.P.
• Founding partner of GEODE, Groupment Européen des Entreprises et Organismes de Distribution d’Energie (European Group of Energy Distribution Companies and Organizations).

Prat Rubi Advocats, SLP

Prat Rubí Advocats was established in 2010, by an experienced team of lawyers that have worked together for over twenty years. PR Advocats currently counts with a team of professionals including senior and junior lawyers.

With its focus on the energy sector, PR Advocats offers highly specialised assessment in those areas related to Public Law, Tax and Finance law, Procedural Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Anti-Trust Law and Injury Law. At the same time the firm follows closely all energy regulation developments regarding the production, transmission, distribution, supply and consumption of electricity and gas.

Prat Rubí Advocats has been member of AEEC since its foundation in year 2000. Moreover, the firm holds the Secretariat of GEODE (, the European association representing the interests of local energy distribution companies from 15 European countries, representing more than 1200 companies. It also holds the Secretariat of ASEM (, a Spanish Association of Energy Enterprises that represents 87 middle and small distributors and suppliers of electricity.

Prat Rubí Advocats is a Spanish leading Energy Law firm with particular focus on energy distribution and power production with renewable energies. It participates at the Electricity Consultative Committee of the Spanish Regulatory Energy Authority and the European Commission Fora on Electricity, Gas and Consumers. The firm has good expertise in the organisation of specialised seminars and workshops on relevant energy law issues.

Barcelona and Brussels
approx. 15
Accredited professionals
Dedicated departments in the field of energy
Gas, Electricity, Grid Use Tariffs, Energy-Intensive Industry, Renewable Energy, Emission Trading
Accredited professionals active in the field of energy
Other departments
Public Law, Water Law, Environmental Law, Commercial Law, Anti-Trust Law, Procedural Law, Civil Law and Family Law
Mainly Electricity Distributor Companies in Spain and throughout Europe, transport and infrastructure companies, industrial companies, public bodies at federal, state and municipal level, developers and operators of power plants (renewable and conventional), , and others
Client-centred, interdisciplinary cooperation of lawyers, auditors, tax advisors and engineers, whose focus is not on isolated legal questions, but on identifying the underlying economic facts with the aim of providing long-term solutions at the highest quality level
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